10 Ways to Double Your Business This Year

Would you like to double your business this year? It’s easier than you think to make that happen. Here are four simple steps to doubling your sales for 2018.

Step 1: Focus your lead generation efforts


Generating more leads won’t necessarily double (or even increase) your sales. The key is to generate better leads. Generating higher-quality leads is the number-one reason marketers implement marketing automation software, MarketingProfs reports. It seems to work: 80% of marketers using automation software generate more leads, and 77% convert more of those leads, according to VB Insight data.


  • Develop a profile of your ideal target customer or customers. (You probably have more than one type of target customer.)
  • Identify the best keywords to attract those ideal customers. Use online advertising, search engine optimization, and other lead generation tactics to attract more of your target customers to your business website.
  • Create specific calls to action that will motivate each of your target customer types to act. Since each customer type has different needs, a one-size-fits-all CTA won’t always work.

Step 2: Increase the size of your average sale


You can increase your sales without adding more customers simply by getting your existing customers to make bigger purchases.


  • Create a loyalty program that offers members incentives for making larger purchases.
  • Create product or service bundles you can use to upsell your customers to spend more.
  • When customers start browsing or adding items to their carts, use online recommendations to suggest similar products they might be interested in. You’ll keep them on your site longer and increase order value.

Step 3: Get your existing customers to buy more often


It’s the same principle as convincing your existing customers to make larger purchases. Getting existing customers to make the same purchases more frequently boosts your sales, and also enhances your customer relationships since they’re interacting with your business more often.


  • Develop subscription packages so customers get products sent to them every month.
  • Take a cue from Amazon and offer an auto-ship option for products that need replenishment, such as ink cartridges or skincare products.
  • Automate a marketing campaign that sends targeted emails to customers on a regular basis, based on their past purchasing behavior.

Step 4: Build better customer relationships


Happy customers are less likely to stop buying from you — and more likely to refer other customers to your business.


  • Use automated email campaigns to provide useful information and education and to keep your customers engaged with your business
  • Create special offers for existing customers to show your appreciation
  • Provide great customer service by being helpful and responsive

A lead generation and lead management solution can help you make the most of every lead, turning prospects into loyal customers. Now, that’s the real secret to doubling your business. (Here are some other times you might need the help of business experts, plus more tips to grow your business faster, and 7 things to quit doing that will give you more time to focus on your business.)


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