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3 Delivery Business Startup Ideas for COVID-19 and Beyond

Delivery businesses will be the cool new small business startup, for COVID and beyond 

While everyone is staying home more, businesses that focus on delivery and convenience are thriving.

Covid has been so bad for so many businesses in so many ways it’s tough to conceive of a scenario where it has been a benefit and not a bust. But there is one:

Delivery businesses are booming.

Wherever you go, or even if you go nowhere, you can’t miss the onslaught of delivery drivers on the road today. Whether it is Amazon drivers getting things to people in mere hours, or food delivery helping folks who do not want to – or cannot – venture into restaurants, or market delivery, delivery is delivering.

London-based Deliveroo says that the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of online food delivery apps by almost three years, according to Deliveroo CEO Will Shu.

As a reminder, if you use your vehicle for business purposes, you probably need a commercial auto policy. Most personal auto policies will not cover accidents that occur while driving for business purposes.

And what this means for the independent contractor is nothing but good news. There will be a wealth of opportunity in the delivery sector over the next few months and even years. So get your car ready, buy your commercial auto policy, buckle up, and check out one of these booming sectors:

1. Food delivery:

Door Dash, Uber Eats, Grub Hub – the list goes on. Becoming a driver for one or more of these services allows you to create your own freelance, independent contractor business almost instantly, and very affordably too.

Even better, this emerging business of safety-via-delivery very probably will outlast the pandemic as people really like the convenience of grocery and restaurant doorstep delivery.

And, even more, the opportunity will only grow. From franchises to auto parts stores and more, retailers, cafes, shops and restaurants clearly see the possibility of boosting sales by boosting delivery.

2. Supply chain assistance:

That the supply chain got disrupted during the beginning of Covid especially is unmistakable; just witness the dearth of toilet paper last spring.

As a result, many companies are now actively seeking to bring production and supply chains closer to home. Doing so will not only help protect against further interruptions, it will also likely generate significant cost savings as shipping and transportation expenses look to be lower.

For the driver, this equals opportunity. Both short and long-haul drivers will be needed. The cost savings and security from another supply chain disruption will ensure consistent work for those willing to engage in commercial auto.

3. The DIY option:

For many, a trip to a restaurant might be too risky, but cooking at home of course is not. Going to an art gallery is out of the question but doing art at home is not.

Covid has launched a DIY revolution and this trend too could outlast the pandemic as customers realize substantial savings and find fun in doing their own cooking, creating, painting, gardening, remodeling, and more.

And this has a mobile aspect as well. Meal preps will need to be delivered, as will products, events, and services. Place your self in this middle of this trend, market to it, and your new startup is, well, off to the races.

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