3 Things Your Team Craves

If you run a professional services business, you’re probably looking for ways to reach more clients, provide better service, and find time for your personal life. The reality is that you can’t achieve all of that on your own—you need a team to grow the business. And no matter how dedicated and capable your team is, they need to be empowered to do their best work. How?

Start by providing your team with stability, focus, and freedom—using technology.


Let’s say you run a commercial contracting business. Would you frame a building without a nail gun or ask your foreman to perform maintenance on your fleet of trucks? Of course not. But many businesses do that when they ask employees to work with outdated technology, troubleshoot problems on their own, or use personal devices without a comprehensive BYOD (bring your own device) plan. When systems go down or information is inaccessible, productivity suffers. As a result, teams lack the stability they need to do their best work. Providing reliable technology is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your team’s productivity.


A typical sales rep commonly spends more time on administrative tasks than they do selling. Clearly, when sales reps can spend more time selling, everybody wins. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a week. But what if they could make better use of their limited time by focusing on better prospects? With the latest Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Business Intelligence (BI) tools, they can. When your sales reps have immediate access to complete customer information, sales history, and third-party data, they can spend less time qualifying leads and chasing prospects that were never likely to buy. Instead, with the right data, they can have more relevant conversations and focus their efforts on the best opportunities.


The majority of emails are now opened on a mobile device. But employees don’t always have the tools they need to act when they’re away from their desk. They can reply to the email or make a phone call, but what about accessing business data or checking a client file? The ability to work remotely—from home, on the plane, or at a client site—has become an essential part of running a business.

Think about an accounting firm and the urgent questions they get from clients. “I’m at the bank trying to apply for a loan. What was my Adjusted Gross Income last year? And how much did you say I needed to put into my IRA? Oh, and the bank is closing in 5 minutes.” It’s not about asking their staff to work around the clock. It’s about giving them the freedom to work on their own terms, and the freedom to meet the needs of their clients without being tied to the office.

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