5 Reasons Why Employee Training Better Be A Priority

There is no doubt that small business owners have a lot on their plate. The typical small business owner not only has to do the job that the business is hired to do, but he or she is also often the CFO, VP of Sales, and maybe even sometimes the Shipping and Receiving Clerk.

Given that, properly training and educating employees can sometimes be seen as one of those things that the small business owner should do, but maybe never really gets around to doing.

And that’s too bad, because training your staff is one of the smartest things you can do as a business owner. Not only will it help you to grow your business, but it simultaneously makes your life as an entrepreneur easier.

In fact, there are five solid reasons why training should absolutely become a priority in your business:

1. It is easy and affordable:

Gone are the days when training had to be an expensive endeavor where you brought in outside experts and consultants to educate employees on this or that. As with everything else it touches, the Internet has changed training too. These days it is easy and affordable to find online whatever it is you need to teach/share.

Similarly, whether it’s the latest software updates needed to run your business, or how to reconcile the books, a simple online search will net you enough videos, webinars, tutorials, and articles to keep your staff busy for quite some time.

And yes, most are free.

2. Training increases profit:

Having improperly trained employees costs your business money in several different ways:

  • First, there is the time and expense involved with having to redo or otherwise fix items or issues when things go wrong because a staff member did not know the right way to do something.
  • Second, there is the lost profit that occurs when a poorly trained employee interacts with your customers. It can either lead to a lost sale – or worse – a lost customer.
  • Third, what happens to the reputation of your business when a negative review appears online as a result of a poorly trained employee?

The bottom line here is that training your employees will improve the bottom line.

3. Training and education boosts morale:

People work for many reasons, and a paycheck is just one of them. Increasingly these days, employees want/expect to receive training that will help build their skillset for future endeavors. As such, if you give them the training that they seek, you will be creating a happier, more committed, more harmonious workplace.

4. Good training improves the skillset of your staff and business:

Not only will your employees be happier because are learning new skills, but you and your customers will be happier as well. The new skills that your employees pick up will be put to use for the benefit of your business. It is a classic win-win.

5. Properly training and educating your staff will foster an exceptional culture:

Great small business are ones where employees like working where they work, owners get the most of their team, and customers appreciate a job well done. All of this can come most easily by creating a positive culture.

The culture of your business is based on your values, staff morale, and implied and expressed codes of conduct. By teaching your staff the proper way to do things, by training and educating them, and by instilling a positive culture via good communication, you will ensure that your business will be run the right way.

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Steve Strauss

Steve Strauss is the senior small business columnist at USA TODAY, the Editor-in-Chief here at Small Business Connection, a speaker and spokesperson. He can be reached at

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