8 Tips For A Great Holiday Office Party

Employee gatherings are not only opportunities to socialize and let loose, but also a venue to show your appreciation for productivity and profits produced throughout the year. As an office manager or the go-to party planner in the office, you have a chance to host one of the most anticipated events of the year for your staff. Let Office Depot help by supplying you with office holiday party ideas and the tools you need to make the event a success so everyone’s in the holiday spirit and ready to have a good time. Make sure your holiday office party is an event to remember with these ideas for fun activities, decorations and themes.

Dress Up the Invitations

An office holiday party should be an exciting event, which is why the invitations should dazzle and impress your staff. You’re not sending out an office memo or a meeting reminder. The last thing your invitations should do is remind employees of project deadlines. Add a personal touch to invitations by making your own in the office. Using design software or a word processing template, insert a photo of some of your employees celebrating at last year’s holiday or New Year’s Eve event, or use the printer in the office to print four-color invitations on cardstock paper or invitation cards. Tie the invitations to the holiday theme using black and white with silver sparkles for a formal, black-tie event or glimmers of red and green.

Strike a Pose With the Staff

Whether your work holiday party is hosted in a large meeting room or a banquet hall, capture the memories with an in-house photo booth. Hire a professional company to take photos and print them out on the spot, or set up a black screen with props for your employees to pose with throughout the night. An affordable way to add some extra laughs to the party is to provide your staff with a link to upload their photos for all to admire around the water cooler once back at work after the holidays.

Cater the Cutlery

Expand your holiday party ideas to the little details that matter. Your staff takes notice of everything from the cutlery to the napkins. Indulge their holiday spirit with unique cutlery that ties in with the food choices, such as chopsticks for Chinese cuisine or miniature forks for bite-size foods.

Add Formal Touches to the Decorations

Even if your holiday party ideas are confined to a luncheon on a Friday afternoon, you can still dress up the decorations to model a formal affair. Craft an arch of colorful balloons to the entryway of the breakroom and hang glittery holiday decorations from the ceiling. Put down a long, red carpet for employees to walk on as a way to spruce up the formal environment.

Get the Staff Moving

Encourage your employees to get moving while celebrating the impending holidays with music. Whether your office holiday party is in a local hotspot with a disco ball illuminating the dance floor or at an employee’s home with plenty of room to mingle and move, make music a key part of the celebration.

Make Memories Last

Show off successes of the year with a slideshow during your office holiday party. Gather photos and videos taken at company events, expos, job fairs and charity events, and put the hard work of your staff on display. Having an office camera, tablet or portable video recorder on hand simplifies the process. Use video editing software to add captions and music to the slideshow to bring out those “oohs” and “aahs.”

Swap Trash and Treasures

Spark fits of laughter from your employees with a gift exchange that is out of the ordinary. Host a white elephant gift exchange where your staff must wrap up and bring a gift that is used, unique and unconventional. As one of the most popular office holiday party ideas, this exchange may result in someone’s trash turning into a co-worker’s treasure.

Bring Out the Inner Child

Host an interactive holiday party with a game night in the office or a jaunt to a local arcade. Friendly competition is often an ideal way to encourage social interactions among co-workers. Reward the champions of each game with a holiday-themed gift such as a mini Christmas tree for their desks or a New Year’s Eve tiara.

Your employees deserve to be celebrated along with the holidays. Make sure your office holiday party is something to remember all year long.


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