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Home-based business insurance starting at only $225 a year!

When you work out of your home, your small business is exposed to many different types of risks every day. Give your home-based business the coverage it needs to continue to thrive.


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With coverage starting at only $225 a year, protection can cost less than you think! Fill out this form and Allstate will reach out to you shortly to provide you with a small business insurance quote.

Home-Based Business Coverages

Whether you're home-based, rent or own, standard coverage includes:

  • Building Protection - Protects your buildings, including fixtures and installed machinery
  • Equipment Breakdown - Protects from damage due to power surge or mechanical failure
  • Electronic Data - Pays for the cost to replace or restore eligible electronic data
  • Business Personal Property - Covers damage to the contents of your building caused by theft, fire or other covered loss
  • Business Income - Replaces lost income for up to 12 months if you have to close because of damage due to a covered loss
  • General Liability - Protects you if you’re legally obligated to pay for another person’s injuries or damage to property

What's Included?

Unfortunately, your homeowners or business owners insurance may not adequately protect your home-based business. The good news is that Allstate has customized protection designed specifically for you. For example, Allstate Home-based Business Shield can provide coverage for these types of situations:

  • A virus or fire destroys your computer and you lose your customer database
  • A pipe burst in your home and critical business documents are damaged
  • A client visiting your home office trips and injures themselves
  • You’re injured while visiting a client site
  • Someone hacked into your business bank account and transfers funds from it

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Routinely rated as among the JD Power top small commercial insurers, Allstate Business Insurance protects hundreds of thousands of small businesses across the U.S. Allstate provides tailored products coupled with small business owner tools, tips, and templates designed to offer value well beyond the insurance transaction. At its core, Allstate is a network of some 10,000 small business owners you know as your local Allstate Agent. We know small business. We care. And we want to help.

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