Automating The Boring Stuff

Wondering whether you can benefit from automating your business? Chances are you can. Many of the mundane tasks you do manually might be done faster, cheaper, and easier when you automate them. Those benefits might be passed along to employees as well, creating a more efficient workplace. In any case, automation can help you stay focused on moving your business forward.

What Can I Automate?

Software and apps now exist for automating almost any business process you do. From travel planning to mileage tracking, from posting on social media to finding a graphics designer, from hiring employees to training them, you can find automation services that help you streamline your business. Many of these apps are free or available to you for low monthly or annual rates.

Business services are also available to help you automate accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and payroll processes. Consider services that provide both the advantages of automation and access to live professionals, who can handle the more complex issues you encounter. 1-800Accountant, for example, offers you the best of both worlds by using innovation and technology combined with advice and planning from accounting professionals.

Automating Employee Work

Automation sometimes gets a bad rap, especially when the media stirs up fears of job losses due to “robots” taking over for humans. It’s true that certain jobs have been, and will continue to be, replaced by automated processes. But common wisdom generally says that automation pushes employees into higher-skilled positions that challenge them and, theoretically at least, pay them a better wage.

Take a hard look at what your employees do. Can you automate any of the rote or mundane processes that currently eat up much of their time? If so, you may be able to better take advantage of the deeper knowledge and skills your employees bring to the table. Doing so will make them happier and more committed to your mission while creating a more efficient workplace.

It’s All About the Bottom Line

As a small business owner, you need to worry about your bottom line. That means cutting costs when you can. When you automate processes, you may be able to reduce the number of employees you need on staff, or perhaps be able to make a full-time position into a half-time one. You might also be able to reduce your reliance on third-party vendors for certain tasks you used to have to pay for.

But the real benefit of automation comes in a greater ability to focus on your clients and customers. While you may experience a short learning curve on some software and apps, you will quickly see the benefits of automation when you find yourself with more time to focus on important business considerations. The end result should be creating more net income for your business – and automation can help you do that.



1-800Accountant makes small business and personal accounting easy and mobile with its experienced team of professionals and proprietary accounting platform.

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