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Freelancer Growing Pains Need Not Become Small Business Mistakes!

One-person businesses want to grow, but in the process, need to make sure their auto insurance is growing too!

All businesses want to grow, and this is usually especially true if for the one-person business.

The problem with being a solopreneur is that you have to do everything yourself. You are the CEO, VP of marketing, receptionist, shipping clerk, and probably the delivery person too.

So, if you want to grow, if you want to stop delivering packages and start delivering on your promise, you will need to begin to run your business more like a big business, and this begins by bringing in the help you need.

There are three different types of people you might want to bring on as you look to grow your business:

  • An intern. These days, it is illegal to have interns work for free, but so what? The key is that for a very modest fee, you can get someone to do some of the grunt work, including making deliveries.
  • Alternately or additionally, hiring your first employee can make a huge difference in how productive you are, again, allowing you up to spend more time working on your business rather than spending so much time working in it. Think you can’t afford it? Then think again. By hiring your first employee, you will be free to make even more money, thereby justifying the expenditure, in fact, making it affordable.
  • A final option is to find a partner. Partners can bring a business to a new level. They have contacts and resources you don’t have, as well as new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a whole new set of skills to offer.

The point of making any of these moves is two-fold:

  1. It will make your business more productive. Division of labor is a business idea that works and one you should use to your vantage.
  2. It will make your business life easier. By doing less you will be able to do more, if you follow my reasoning.

But, as indicated, making changes like this requires new processes and, yes, appropriate insurance policies. If your intern, employee, or partner is going to be driving for work, or driving a work car, then you need to get a commercial auto insurance policy.

Indeed, the personal auto policy that you are likely using right now will not cover you or your business adequately once you start to expand. Personal policies often do not cover business driving or situations, and in fact may specifically exclude situations or people.

So you have to get a commercial auto policy if you are going to grow your business. How? And what is it? This article is a good primer.

Beyond that, be sure to meet with an Allstate agent to find out how you can get the coverage you need for your new, bigger, growing business.


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