5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Get More People In Store This Season

on November 29, 2017

Creating Holiday Business Buzz

There are many different marketing methods that you can use to promote your business as part of an overall holiday marketing plan. Here are a few examples of things that can give you some biz buzz:

Contests: A contest can generate interest and free publicity for your business. For example, Ali Francesca is a baker. She sent out a press release announcing a competition for the best fruitcake, and also sent a flyer to all of her retail clients soliciting entries. Food editors, professional chefs and cooking teachers were invited to be judges. Both the winners and the winning recipes were publicized, and Ali saw a big boost in sales afterwards. Be sure to check local laws governing contests and set/publish rules in advance.

Signs: A big, bold sign (billboards, people wearing sandwich signs, neon signs, etc.) in the right location can be both a cheap and very effective way to bring in new business. Take Jay Rosenberg for example. He lives in Nebraska and owns a restaurant. Jay put up signs along the Interstate every 50 miles for 200 miles saying “World’s Greatest Chicken Pot Pie – 150 miles!” (or whatever the distance was.) When travelers got to his town, his roadside restaurant was, not surprisingly, always busy.

Have a Sale: The greatest marketing invention of all time is the sale.

Media exposure: One of the best things you can ever do stand out from the holiday crowd is to get an article or news story done about you and your business. It’s like getting a free commercial and an endorsement all in one. Even better: You can post it forever more on your site.

Sponsor an event: Sponsoring some sort of holiday event is a great way to generate publicity and thereby create good will and customers. Here’s an idea: enlist a local media source as a co-sponsor of the event and you will be assured of getting great press coverage. The best part is that the media outlet will publicize the heck out of the event, and you too in the process.

Be creative and there is no telling how much holiday business buzz you can generate.

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