How Promotional Products Can Really Boost Your Business

on June 16, 2017

Consumers are inundated with commercial messages at every turn. So how will your company get through to them? One solution is to look for ways to target and integrate your marketing efforts as one unified force. Customer-focused integrated marketing melds advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and social media. To integrate promotional items successfully, companies must offer better promotional products, follow marketing methods and trends and stay up-to-date on technology.

Better Promotional Products

Companies are spending more money for high-end promotional products that create a great impression, rather than investing in low cost, throwaway products that may convey an undesirable message or no message at all. [Promo products] should be useful, high-quality and long lasting, and be presented in a way that conveys and communicates your company’s brand message and image.

For example, eco-conscious products are highly popular and express a message of environmental and social responsibility. Expect to see more eco-conscious promotional products, such as biodegradable tote bags and bamboo pens. Do your research to determine which consumer trends are apropos for your company to leverage with promotional items.

Marketing Trends

Tiered promo product strategy is one trend in promo product marketing. Here’s how it works. A technology company, for example, hand out promo pens or smart wallets at trade shows to anyone who wants them. However, to get a [branded fitness product], people have to provide their contact information, including their email address. How could your company tier its promo products? What are some useful, lasting, high-end products your company’s customers would appreciate and also be consistent with your company’s brand messaging?

Another trend is the explosion in 3-D printing. Prices have dropped dramatically for 3-D printers, and your company can outsource 3-D design and printing needs to a growing number of companies offering these services. Some inexpensive [3-D printers] include premium design software. It’s easier and can cost less than before to design and print things your company could use as promotional items. So if your company sells pet supplies, for instance, it could 3-D print small cats or dogs wearing vests in your company colors and include a ball cap with the company logo on it.

Get Creative

Consider how your company can combine or integrate various marketing trends and methods. A perfect example is one of the strongest trends in online marketing: the email funnel. This trend suggests businesses should strive to get potential customers’ email addresses so they can email ads and engage customers repeatedly. It’s considered a highly effective marketing strategy, which is why you’ve probably noticed a lot of website landing pages include pop-up windows that request your email address.

Does your company website solicit email addresses? If your answer is affirmative, how do you draw prospects further into the email funnel toward becoming regular customers? One idea is to mail promo products to those who express interest and respond to your initial email. Most respondents in a 2015 survey said they would likely do business with a company that gave them a [useful gift]. If your company lacks an email funnel, perhaps it could use a tiered promo product strategy to build one. Of course, email is just one online communication tool. Consider similar ways your company can integrate social networking and promo product strategies into a unified messaging strategy.

Creating an effective integrated marketing strategy can take time and resources. To lighten your workload and make your company’s marketing strategy more effective, don’t treat promotional items as an afterthought. Learn about marketing trends, and then think of ways your company can piggyback on those trends. Keep up with technological trends and new innovations that other businesses are using to promote their products in the marketplace. The more knowledge you have in these areas, the more creative and competitive you can be. With so many ways to market and so much competition for the attention of potential customers, more creativity is required than ever before.

This article originally appeared on Office Depot OfficeMax