How To Improve Your Website Traffic

on January 24, 2017

The digital world can sometimes feel like the small business owner’s worst enemy. Not only are you confronting incredibly specialized knowledge, but you are also working with a pretty limited budget, which can make finding the right resources and experts a bit of a challenge. Indeed, these hurdles certainly make it easy to ignore digital marketing altogether and instead hide behind phrases like “old-school marketing.”

That is a bad idea.

The sad but very real reality is that you do not have a choice anymore. If you want your business to be relevant and successful, you need both a solid website and a solid social media presence – no questions asked. Clicks equal interest, so getting more traffic to your pages is what will build your customer base, your customer loyalty, and your profits.

Getting people to click on your social media pages is simple enough with all the direct lines of communication provided to you by Twitter & co., but what about when it comes to your website? Bringing in traffic to your www page can definitely be a bit trickier, but doing so is actually equally – if not more – important than your social media traffic. After all, your website is the very first thing people see when people search for your company, so make sure it’s worth clicking!

Here are some helpful hints for increasing website clicks:

Create great content: This one is simple: make your website worth visiting. Indeed, it certainly bodes well and in your favor to have a functional, intuitive, and attractive website that provides viewers with all the essential information, but it would be even better to dedicate a section of your website to providing daily/weekly/monthly content. Maybe even have a blog.

What you would post is entirely up to you, which is also where the fun comes in. Regularly updated content keeps your website fresh, enticing, search engine friendly, and definitely worth a click or two. In fact, blogging has been proven to actually be one of the most successful ways to increase traffic to your website.

Market on social media: As you know – delivering your message to people on social media is easy. Add the link to your website in your bio or About section on any and all social media platforms for starters. More importantly, though, you can use your social media presence to advertise your website’s blog content – give your posts a catchy title, and you’ll definitely see an uptick in your website clicks. Be shameless about tweeting often, and don’t be afraid to tweet the same link over and over again. You will reach more people this way.

Start an e-newsletter: Offer physcial and virtual customers alike a valuable e-newsletter. Make sure you’re sending out email newsletters on a regular basis with graphics, videos, eye-popping sentences, and yes, website links. If your website has something that you know people are looking for (like a sale,) advertise it and link them to it.

SEO: Strategize your web content with search engine optimization in mind. Include all the keywords that you know people will be searching for – any relevant phrase you think might be important, most likely is. You can also buy pay-per-click ads that will appear at the top of the page of a search engine result.

Most importantly, use that entrepreneurial instinct and get innovative. If you know your brand and your customers – which I know you do – then you’ll find the secret ingredient that works for you in no time.