Using Signs And Price Tags To Make Your Brand Pop

on October 31, 2016

Opening your own business provides the opportunity to put your personal mark on every aspect of the company. Branding customizes a business image and crafts a message for existing and potential customers. In a sea full of businesses, a distinctive brand differentiates your products and services from the competition. Signs and price tags provide valuable space for showcasing your company’s brand. While outdoor signage presents your brand to the world, indoor signage and price tags continue the message and maintain a cohesive look inside.

Your Message to the World

Outdoor banners and sign boards introduce the outside world to your company and its services. Use them to make a first impression that draws customers inside. A unique design makes your signage stand out from the countless others lining the street. Experiment with different fonts and type settings to see what options best fit your brand. If you already have a logo, include it on your sign in a creative and interesting manner.

Reinforce Your Brand with In-Store Signage

Branding does not stop when customers step through the door. Continue marketing to reinforce your brand and keep consumers in the mindset of your message. Creative signage on the inside of your business accomplishes this goal. Whether you are alerting customers to a sale or pointing out a register location, use the signs within your store to emphasize your brand.

No Plain Price Tags Here

Many businesses miss out on an opportunity to market their brand with the type of price tag they choose. When customers browse through your inventory, they are constantly looking at your price tags. This is an opportunity to repeatedly share your image and create brand recognition. Price tags offer much less space than a large signs, so it is important to simplify your design while maintaining the cohesiveness of your brand.

Branding is vitally important to the success of a new business. Combined with your business signage and price tags, you can create a viable marketing tool that attracts new customers and keeps them coming back for more.