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Best Practices When Hiring Remote Workers

The way we work is changing quickly. As the world grows increasingly connected, it’s become easier for people to work remotely—from cafés, in shared workspaces or at home. Increasingly, Americans are taking advantage of the flexibility of remote work and going into business for themselves. According the Freelancers’ Union, 54 million U.S. workers have done some form of freelance work in 2015.

For small businesses, that’s potentially a big opportunity. It’s easier now than ever before to find people to help out, no matter where they live. And it’s also easier to find people for one-off projects or short-term tasks when you don’t need a full-time worker.

There can also be a lot of potential pitfalls in remote freelance work, from selecting the wrong freelancer, to poor communication, to tax issues. Consider these four tips on how to get the most from freelancers.

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