Business Owners: Should You Allow Pets in the Workplace?

on November 28, 2016

Offering a “bring your pet to work” policy might be more than just a nice-sounding benefit: It could actually lower your employees’ stress and make other workers feel more satisfied with their jobs, according to a study by Virginia Commonwealth University.

“Allowing workers to bring their pets to work is a very simple way to engage positively with your employees,” says Mallary Tytel, president and founder of Healthy Workplaces, LLC, a South Dakota-based management-consulting firm. “We’re finding that more and more companies – both large and small – are allowing pets in their workplaces with really positive results.” Tytel says many firms report lower employee stress levels, less absenteeism, and higher staff morale when pets are present.

Is an open doggy-door policy right for your company?

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