The Very Best Time Management Hacks

on April 3, 2017
Do you create daily goals? When you start each day with a goal in mind, you can more effectively manage your time. Break your goals down into tasks, then prioritize them and set a maximum of three priority tasks each day.
After you’ve examined your goals and task list in the morning, take regular breaks while you work.

Some people find that scheduling tasks in one-hour intervals, with a 17-minute break, improves productivity.

Furthermore, try to find an extra half hour in your day, no matter when that is, to work on your hustle.

At the end of the week, review your calendar and your goals to see what you accomplished.

Plan ahead for the coming week and try to avoid surprises. A number of time-management apps, including Google Calendar and Evernote, can help you stay organized, even on the go.

Try these tips, and the others listed in the infographic below, to better manage your time.

This article originally appeared on SurePayroll