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Video: How do Small Business Health Insurance Tax Deductions Work?

Start  BY: eHealth

Small business employers can deduct most of their health insurance-related expenses from their federal business taxes. Learn more here.

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What you need to know about 1099s

Start  BY: 1-800Accountant

If you are a freelancer, or hire freelancers, then you need to know how 1099s work. Here are the links […]

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How to get an IRS Installment Agreement (IRS Form 9465)

Manage  BY: 1-800Accountant

Owe the IRS some money and need time to pay? Here’s how to get an IRS installment agreement, along with […]

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Applying for an Employee Identification Number

Start  BY: 1-800Accountant

If you’re wondering if you need an Employer Identification Number (EIN), then the answer is most likely is “yes.” Here’s […]

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The Small Business Tax To-Do List

Manage  BY: SurePayroll

Taxes can be an intimidating and overwhelming subject for the average small business owner. But they don’t have to be. […]