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Creating an entity like an LLC for your business – or for contractors that work with your existing company – has many benefits.

Benefits of Business Formation:

  • Limited Liability: The company itself is responsible for its debts and potential business risks. A corporate entity protects you personally from those liabilities.
  • Credibility: Having an LLC says you are ready to conduct business and serve customers.
  • Primary Tax Savings: Take advantage of tax breaks and write-offs.
  • Advanced Tax Savings for High Earners: Use more advanced strategies and save thousands each year.
  • Deductions: Through 2025, you can deduct up to 25% of your net income.
  • Government Assistance: Take advantage of government programs such as PPP loans and forgiveness.
  • Contractors: Insist your contract employees are an entity to avoid IRS mandated employment laws and avoid costly fines for noncompliance.

Benefits of BetterLegal:

  1. PRICE: Full entity documents including state filing, EIN number, operating agreement and more. Get everything you need to acquire a business bank account and tax savings for only $269 – a $30 savings!
  2. FAST: Get your entity setup in as little as an hour depending on the state.
  3. EASY: Fill in a simple form and get filed within minutes.

Click the link below and have your company setup lightning fast and at the best rate.

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