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The Statistics

95% of Americans own a cell phone

77% own a smart phone

74% of US adults engage in social media on a daily basis

1 hour per day – average time employees waste on their smart phones

Personal smart phone and social media usage on the job has a large impact on workplace productivity. Based on numerous studies, employees waste time and lose the company money. The Cellofane solution is a light touch, smart phone application that provides employers the ability to understand how cell phones are being used by unsupervised employees at the work site or at home. Cellofane is an effective tool to help employers understand smart phone behavior in the workplace, combat its abuse and stop the significant loss of revenue due to irresponsible smart phone behavior.

Exciting highlights include:

  • Simple but comprehensive analytics – Executive reports include: time spent on phone per person, group, or department; times of high or low usage rates during the day, week or month; frequency of phone usage violations; locations of phone use.
  • Financial tracking – Employers have an accurate way to measure monies lost due to employee abuse of cell phone privileges.
  • Personal “feedback” tool for employees – Employees can know and track their own usage time promoting awareness of their own phone use.
  • Alerts and messaging – Employers can message reminders to their employees regarding important issues such as washing their hands or clocking out.
  • Ease of use and implementation – Cellofane can be downloaded and ready for use in a matter of minutes. Employers can setup the app themselves or call customer service for help.
  • Flexible and scalable – From 5 to 500 or more employees, Cellofane can expand as needed.

If your employees are often unsupervised, you now have a tool that lets you review the efficiency and profitability of your workday and stop revenue loss due to personal cell phone abuse.

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