Power Up Your Sales Team

by Cindy Bates

Your sales team plays a crucial role in your business. They serve as brand ambassadors and customer advocates while juggling administrative tasks with sales activities. And they come to work every day knowing that as soon as one deal closes, they have to chase down the next. With so many leads and so little time, even the savviest sales teams can find themselves stretched thin. If this sounds like your team, you might be looking for ways to generate qualified leads for your sales reps, arm them with better insights, and help them be more efficient and productive. Here are a few ways that you can power up your sales team with the latest tools from Microsoft.

Anticipate objections and generate leads through social listening

The best sales people are good listeners. They take feedback from customers (or non-customers) and use that information to improve their approach and share learnings with others in their company. Social media offers one more way for sales people to use those great listening skills. With Microsoft Social Engagement from Dynamics CRM, you can monitor social chatter to better understand how customers perceive your brand or product. Let’s say people are asking questions on Twitter or writing blog posts because they’re confused by your new pricing plan. Your sales reps can spot the issue right away and be prepared to address those concerns in their next sales meeting. You can even automate certain CRM actions based on social media activity. For example, you can create a new lead if someone shares your post on Facebook or set a follow-up reminder if someone asks a question on Twitter.

Get aligned with marketing

Your marketing team plays a critical role in preparing potential customers for productive conversations with your sales reps. Not only do they generate leads, but they produce content that engages and nurtures those leads. The sales and marketing teams that can work in unison have the most success. With Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, your sales reps have visibility into their leads’ buying journey. They can see which marketing activities a prospect has engaged with and which ones they have ignored. They will be equipped with information about email opens, social interactions, downloads, and event registrations. With a single source for all relevant information, and a better understanding of which marketing messages have resonated, your sales team can save time and be better prepared to close the deal.

Stay organized and productive

Keeping the pipeline full and closing sale after sale requires enthusiasm and commitment. And the sales reps that drive revenue growth for your business have to be in constant motion. Whether they are working the phones, drawing up a contract, or flying out the door to meet a customer, they need productivity tools that can keep up with their busy schedules. Microsoft Office 365 does that and much more. Outlook gives your team the ability to manage their calendar and email from any device. They might even be able to cut down on their travel time with video conferencing from Skype for Business. Plus, with Outlook and Dynamics CRM integration, a sales rep can easily convert an email conversation into a CRM lead at the click of a button directly within Outlook. It all adds up to a more efficient, productive sales team.

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