Small Business Health Insurance and You

One of the most important things you can do for the health of your business is to insure yourself and your employees.

Small business owners without health insurance often have no financial backstop against unforeseen medical expenses. As a result, a serious injury or illness can push you or your business into bankruptcy.

That’s why AllState has partnered with eHealth. eHealth offers a broad selection of options and has years of experience matching small businesses and self-employed people with the right health insurance plan for their personal needs and budget.

Small business coverage is affordable and available all year

Did you know that it’s typically less expensive to get health insurance through an employer group than it is to buy coverage on your own?

It’s true. On a per-person basis, small business health insurance was 11% less costly on average than individually-purchased health insurance, according to a 2016 eHealth report that analyzed select state markets.

And unlike individually-purchased coverage, which you can only buy during a limited annual open enrollment period (or when you experience a qualifying life event), you can enroll in a small business health insurance plan at any time of the year.

Small business coverage is good for employees and employers

If you have employees, you know how much health insurance means to them. Going without coverage can leave them open to significant tax penalties. Unfortunately, buying coverage on their own in today’s market is too costly for many.

Over the years, eHealth’s small business customers have said that offering group health insurance helps them hire and retain the best workers. Many employers simply feel that offering group health insurance is the right thing to do.

Think of group health insurance as an investment in your business.

Finding the right plan doesn’t have to be hard

There’s a wide variety of small business health insurance plans available, with different cost structures to suit different needs.

For example, if you and your employees are young and healthy, you may opt for a plan with lower monthly premiums and a higher annual deductible – to shield you from the heavy unexpected medical costs.

On the other hand, if you have a chronic condition and need regular care, a plan with a lower deductible may be a better match.

That’s where working with a licensed agent like eHealth can make all the difference. An agent or broker representing multiple insurers in your area can give you a broad view of your options and help you settle on the best plan for your needs.

Remember, it never costs more to work with an agent

All the personal care and service an agent provides is available to you with no additional charge, and a good agent like eHealth will be there for you in the months and years to come, too.

For example, eHealth can help you add new employees to the company plan or remove employees who’ve left. They can also help you when your annual open enrollment period approaches, to make sure you’re still offering the best plan for your coverage needs and budget.

Visit our partner eHealth to learn more about your health insurance options today.



eHealth operates, a leading private online health insurance marketplace where small businesses, individuals & families, and Medicare enrollees nationwide can shop for the best coverage for their personal needs and budget, with professional help and advice from licensed agents. For small business group health insurance visit;

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