8 Things Every Business Should Do Before the Holidays

on November 29, 2019

December is a hectic time for many businesses. Some companies, like retailers, see a big uptick in sales around the holiday season, while others are simply scrambling to wrap up big projects before year-end.

Given the big rally to close out the year, it can be helpful to have a checklist of everything that also needs to be done—or should be done—by late December. End 2019 on the right foot by taking these key steps:

Your Staff

Your Staff: Show employees appreciation

Show employees appreciation

You can give every employee a quick thank-you note and small gift (maybe even a year-end bonus?) to express your gratitude. Also consider planning a holiday party or a team-building event that gives everyone a chance to unwind and celebrate their successes for the year.

Consider your staffing needs—for now and next year 

Do you need to hire extra help for the holidays to help relieve staffing pressure? You can start thinking about the year ahead and whether you should hire more people now so you can hit the ground running come January.

Your Customers

Your Customers: Give customers a year-end gift

Give customers a year-end gift

Give your best customers or clients a small gift to express your thankfulness for their loyalty over the past year. This year, check off everyone on your holiday gift list in one place with the Office Depot Gift Guides. Whether you’re shopping for your customers, gifts for clients, gifts for your boss or just looking for a fun gift to bring to the goofy white elephant party – these gifts guides have presents everyone will be overjoyed to open!

Your Finances

Your Finances

Consider year-end purchases 

If you need to buy new equipment or supplies for your business, try to put together a year-end shopping list. You can deduct business expenses on your 2019 tax return if you make them by December 31, so it might make sense to stock up in December rather than hold off until next year. Plus, you may be able to take advantage of technology deals, such as on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Create a year-end financial report

Year-end is prime time for analyzing your company’s financials so you can make strategic decisions for the year ahead. Using your company’s accounting software or spreadsheets, some key reports to run include a balance sheet, an income statement and a cash-flow statement. Consider reviewing these to look for issues or opportunities that can be addressed next year.

Your Technology

Your Technology

Back up your data

Try to make sure your data is being backed up regularly to the cloud or another secure place. Consider reviewing your key files and documents—whether customer records or financial statements—and make extra sure you have duplicate copies of those and kept securely both digitally and offline. Check out these Data Storage & Media options.

Review your business technology needs

Year-end is a good time to prepare your business for the months ahead. Consider what equipment or software could help your business become more efficient and effective in 2019, whether that’s new laptops, a voice assistant (such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home), or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Your Business Overall

Your Business Overall

Reflect on your year—and start thinking ahead

It may feel hard to make time for reflection with everything else going on this time of year. But it’s the season for not just showing gratefulness but also thinking about what your goals and accomplishments were for the year, and how you can build on them in 2020.