A Dozen (or More!) Ways to Easily Automate Your Small Business

on August 10, 2018

Automation technology can help your small business thrive and grow. You can save your employees time on everyday duties, increase the security of your office, reduce the amount of money you spend and can improve workplace efficiency with business process automation. Consider getting more efficient with these automated business products that help your small business increase the bottom line.

Safeguard Your Business with Smart Security Devices

If you’re worried about the security of your office and property, consider installing a smart surveillance system with cameras that cover every angle of your small business. You can set your system to record on a timed schedule or whenever motion is detected to protect your business against theft and break-ins. You can monitor cameras remotely from your smartphone or tablet for peace of mind when you’re at home or on vacation.

For added security, consider installing a smart alarm system that sets off an audible siren whenever glass is broken at your commercial property. Some systems send you an instant alert when a door or window is opened in the office or storefront, while other systems automatically dispatch the authorities to the business location.

Create Smart Entryways

You can work smarter and more efficiently when you focus on employing smart technology around the entryways of your small business. Consider installing a wireless doorbell chime that amplifies the alert when a customer enters your store, so you can greet them quickly. With a video doorbell at the rear entrance of your business, you can hear and speak to vendors who bring deliveries to the back, letting you grant entrance to the stockroom no matter where you are in the store.

With smart door locks, you might not have to worry about panicked trips back to the office after hours to make sure the door is secure. With the touch of a button, you can be sure your business is protected. Touchscreen systems allow you to assign multiple codes for various employees, so there’s no anxiety over lost keys.

Protect Your Investments with Smart Safety Devices

You can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that smart safety devices are protecting your employees, merchandise, equipment and property. Smart smoke detectors instantly send an alert to your smartphone or tablet when they detect smoke, so you can determine whether there’s an emergency situation and alert first responders if necessary, whether you’re inside the business or at home for the evening.

Thanks to smart leak sensors, you can help keep employees and your customers safe at all times. Some systems alert you of high carbon monoxide levels or other dangerous gas leaks, while other smart sensors keep you apprised of water leaks or other liquids that come into contact with the sensor cables. You can go one step further with a smart system that automatically shuts off the main water valve when it detects a water leak on your commercial property.

Save Money with Smart Energy Devices

You may potentially save on your utility expenses and see a bigger bottom line by installing smart energy devices. A smart thermostat learns your preferences for heating and cooling, can turn itself down to save energy when the business is unoccupied, and lets you have control from your tablet, smartphone or computer.

Smart air conditioner units can keep your office cool and comfortable. These units are often compatible with smart devices, so you can change temperatures or turn the unit on and off remotely.

If your business relies on sprinklers to keep lawns, flowers or produce watered on a particular schedule, consider smart irrigation systems. You can use your smartphone to set up a schedule, turn the sprinkler off manually when it’s raining or monitor water usage so there are no surprises when utility bills arrive.

With smart light switches installed in your commercial property, you can dim or turn off lights anywhere with a touch of your smartphone.

Install Smart Communication

If you allow employees to work remotely, or you’re constantly in contact with vendors, business partners or clients, smart communication devices can improve collaboration and can eliminate communication barriers. You may choose to opt for a teleconferencing system to turn any area of the office into a conference room, even if no phone line is available. You can conduct a performance review with an employee who’s working from home, or talk to a vendor about an invoicing issue.

With video conferencing equipment, you can connect with clients in another country to deliver your big sales presentation with clear audio and video. You can take advantage of this equipment to hold a productive and collaborative meeting with out-of-town business partners as if you were all seated at the same conference table.

Employ Smart Customer Service Solutions

Consider taking a modern approach to replacing that clunky old cash register. Consider upgrading to a point of sale system that accepts all types of payments, from cash and checks to credit cards and bitcoins. Intuitive systems feature easy-to-use touchscreens to keep customer lines moving quickly. Cloud-based software lets you email receipts to customers or receive orders via text message, broadening your client base and capabilities.

A simple mobile card reader can open you up to business on the go. You can take your inventory to trade shows, festivals, fairs and other events, and accept debit and credit card payments from customers on the spot.

Use Smart Appliances

If you’re spending more time cleaning the office than managing it, consider employing some smart appliances to help save time and energy. A robotic vacuum cleaner can do the work for you while you go home and relax. Capable of sweeping, lifting, vacuuming, mopping and drying the floors in your commercial space, these devices can make the work of cleaning up an office space, sales floor or employee break room easy. You can schedule the robot to turn on daily at closing time, and treat your employees and customers to a healthier environment that’s free of dust mites and other allergens.

You can present a cleaner, more professional image from the outside in when you use window cleaning robots. These versatile machines can clean smudges and fingerprints from customer entry doors or reach the top of high-rise windows so you don’t have to.

Automate Your Office

Consider upgrading your office by taking advantage of home automation solutions. Whole-home Wi-Fi systems present a great solution to small business owners. You can protect your office network while providing your employees with high-speed browsing capabilities. Designed to work with a variety of operating systems, these units can cover a range that’s ideal for smaller office spaces.

With a voice assistant, you may be able to reach higher levels of efficiency. You can ask about local traffic so you know what time to leave for a client appointment, or inquire about the weather so you know to offer a sale on umbrellas. You can ask your voice assistant to submit a repeat order of office supplies or make a list of vendors who are awaiting invoices.

While smart technology began as a trend for the homeowner, it can translate seamlessly to the small business owner. Consider introducing any of these automated business solutions into your storefront, office or workplace to solve an existing problem or increase efficiency.