Small Business Just Gets Easier and Easier

on October 7, 2016

It used to be so much tougher to be a small business owner. Even a generation ago, running a business was a much more challenging, riskier, and time-consuming affair. Today we have tools like Allstate’s new online Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) quoting and purchasing app (which I will get to in a moment), but before that, let’s not forget the bad old days.

Think about it. Back then,

  • There was very little help: For the most part, whatever helps you got came from your full time employees. There were no websites or blogs there to coach and teach you, no services like where you can get free, confidential, online counseling. No mastermind groups. Indeed, there were very few mentorship programs at all.
  • Everything took a lot more time: For example, once a day you might need to close up shop and head to the bank before 3:00 p.m. and stand in the merchant line in order to make deposits. And of course, re-ordering products did not happen in a few clicks; a few weeks maybe, but not a few clicks.
  • It was much more of a gamble: Because there were no affordable online marketing tools like social media, blogs, websites, or Google, marketing was physical (TV, magazines, radio) and as such, much more expensive, and risky. Mistakes were costly, results were not guaranteed.

Today, we expect everything to be easier, faster and better.

That’s why Allstate designed a better way. As a modern businessperson, you need things to be quick, simple, and convenient and that’s exactly what this new BOP tool is. It combines the best of the old way (personal service) with the best of the new (online and fast.)

Here’s how it works: On October 17, the new Allstate BOP tool will debut on,, and here at Small Business Connection. With online BOP quoting, you will be able to answer a few questions and instantly get a quote for your business insurance. The whole process will take about five minutes.

But that’s not all. This online quoting tool will then pair you with an Allstate commercial certified agent. Industry practice leaders will display first – these agents have industry specialization and understand the unique risks you face. Combined, what you should find is that you will not only be able to get a quick quote for your business insurance needs, but you will be in contact with a trusted advisor who can help guide throughout the process and answer whatever questions you may have.

One thing I know is that the businesses who have partnered here at Small Business Connection are truly committed to small business, and you can see that with this alternative and better way to get business insurance. It is a great new technology that lets you get a fast, easy, and convenient quote through a desktop and mobile self-service model.