Want to Start a Business? These Are The Best Industries To Go Into Right Now

Entrepreneurs are typically the vanguard of change. They develop innovative products and services, create new ways of getting things done, and lead the post-industrial economy into previously unexplored territory.

As entrepreneurs engage in evolving industries, they inevitably bring with them ideas, capital and other resources that generate momentum. The financial risks may be huge. But the rewards can be great, especially if the risks are properly managed.

Here are some of today’s top entrepreneurial industries…

Alternative Nutrition

According to the Organic Trade Association, U.S. consumers spend more than $43 billion on organic food. But organic isn’t the only food trend on the front burner. Gluten-free products have become increasingly sought after, as consumers are diagnosed with any number of health concerns brought about by a diet high in wheat and other gluten-containing grains.

Meat in general seems to be on the chopping block. Many Americans are opting for vegetarian and vegan diets. Entrepreneurs are responding with restaurants, supermarket products, new ways of preserving food freshness and alternative cookware – all of which feeds a healthier population.

New Energies

When we think of new energies, we usually conjure electric cars, windmill farms and rows of solar panels. Perfecting these is an ongoing concern. But there are a host of other technologies that entrepreneurs are pressing into use as well.

Entrepreneurs have found ways to harness tides or waves, use algae for biofuel, and recycle CO2 into polyurethanes. Modern Electron is trying to revolutionize the utility industry by generating electricity with advanced thermionic energy converters – which is to say that the future will look nothing like your parents’ utility companies.

Advanced Healthcare

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are constantly looking for better ways to screen, evaluate, treat and care for patients. Entrepreneurs are leading the charge in developing new equipment for testing and treatment, as well as better procedures for disease prevention and home healthcare.

There’s also plenty of room for advancement in personal healthcare devices. In addition to the now ubiquitous fitness watches, entrepreneurs are developing new technologies and products that allow people to observe, capture and use the body’s processes. Neopenda, for example, makes wearables that allow parents to monitor the vital signs of newborns, in hopes of reducing the incidence of infant mortality.


The rise of the internet has created a whole slew of opportunities for ambitious entrepreneurs. From online shopping apps to internet banking services, entrepreneurs are forging ahead with the new online economy.

One particular entrepreneurial opportunity lies in data services. Companies are hungry for information about their clients or customers. Advances in metrics and data analysis enable entrepreneurs to offer in-depth data that can target customer engagement and increase sales.

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