Welcome to Small Business Month (Because You Deserve More Than a Week!)

This is a testament to the backbone of the United States of America – small businesses. It may sound dramatic, but there are 30.2 million small businesses in the United States according to a 2018 study by the Small Business Administration (SBA). That’s 1.4 million more business than 2016, which amounts to 1.9 million net new jobs (58.9 million total jobs). That accounts for 99.9% of US businesses typically with 500 or fewer employees!

So, while we generally see major corporations in the headlines and in our news feeds, small businesses and their owners are the unsung heroes of the American Dream.

National Small Business Week 2019 runs from May 5 to May 11 and Small Business Saturday 2019 lands on November 30. That’s just eight days where we nationally recognize one of the most important pieces in our economy. Hence why we should be celebrating the courage, community efforts and hard work of our entrepreneurs for a full 31 days, if not more.

As I grow in my professional development and sharpen my small business acumen, it becomes increasingly clear that ‘hard’ work doesn’t always pay off as much as ‘smart’ work. There are tools available to take arduous and/or boring tasks off your plate, you just need to know they exist, where you can find them, and can be affordable in your given situation. I’m not saying go lay by the pool while a professional takes care of your back-office work – wait, I kind of am.

Your goal as an entrepreneur should be to provide a service or product you’re proud of, drive personal connections within and beyond your community, and enjoy the freedom you’ve created for yourself. The purpose of Small Business Month is to help the entrepreneur plan, create and implement smart and efficient business tactics to fuel growth.

With the right education and tools, you won’t have to endlessly work in the dark – there should always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Per a report from the National Small Business Association (NSBA), ‘economic uncertainty, lower consumer spending and regulatory burdens’ prove to be the biggest challenges for small business growth and only about fifty percent of businesses succeed for more than 5 years – so essentially a flip of a coin. But you can increase your chances by relieving certain burdens that you may not be qualified, or simply don’t want to handle.

A great example of this is online and social media marketing. Unless you’re an expert in this field, you’re most likely not yielding as much as you would with someone who dedicates all their time in their craft. You wouldn’t ask an accountant to weld wings on a plane you’re about to fly on, so why put unnecessary burdens on yourself only to see your business flail in the wind?

There are companies out there who want to see your small business succeed – your success is their success – and they have the tools to get you there. Take advantage of Small Business Month this year because now’s the time to focus on the weaker points of your business.

We can help with that. Office Depot goes beyond providing the physical aspects of your business – now you can pinpoint specific business obstacles and their respective solutions so you can strengthen your infrastructure, improve customer experience and focus on your passion so as not to burn out. From companies manned by one to enterprises, your weak spots can be reinforced through the business services provided by Office Depot.

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